Mobile Lyme as a distributor and supplier of electric equipment is committed to help our customers dispose off their electrical and waste batteries in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) of 2006. WEEE regulation of 2013 became law replacing 2006 and added a wider range of products and takes effect as of January 2019.

Most of the Electrical items we want to get rid of can easily be recycled and not end up in land fills saving the environment from hazardous substances. Based on the above legislation, We, Mobile Lyme are committed to help our customers dispose off unwanted electrical items for free. You can only return to us a similar item bought from us. For example you buy a new phone and you dispose off your old phone through us. Like for like.

All electronic items bought after August 2005 should display the crossed out wheelie been symbol to indicate that its not to be disposed off in your wheelie bin. Please note the products sent to us for disposal will be at your own postage cost or alternatively you can find your nearest approved recycling facility by visiting the link