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Mobile Lyme sells durable protective iPhone 13 Pro Cases. Shop the latest range of protection from some of the best brands on the market that include Spigen, Honeycomb, Fortyour, Eiger, ProGrip, Tech-Protect, Ringke, Nilikin, Ducducis, ProAir and more in our selection.

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Buyer's guide for iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone13 series is expected to be released into the market this September. One among the variants is the iPhone 13 pro. The new mobile is said to be a blend of functionality and style. The new about the features of the pro phone is circulated in the tech market on a wide range. With a 6.1 display, the pro phone series of iPhone13 streams pleasing content to your eyes. Hexa core dual-core processor ensures lag-free performance both in streaming and gaming. It comes with stunning camera upgrades like a video version of portrait mode, high-quality video recording with ProRes, and a new filter for intense photography. These expensive and feature-rich phones, of course, will be protected with the right mobile case. Here is a buying guide to help you make the right choice in mobile case selection.


The material you choose is all the key that decides the protection a mobile gets. You should be very careful in choosing the material of the mobile case. The material can range from silicon to premium leather, while silicon-made mobile cases are known for offering minimal protection, and the leather ones are for extreme protection. Silicon-made mobile cases give you confidence on hold; leather-made mobile cases offer extreme protection. TPU and polycarbonate cases offer medium-range protection.


There are many best brands available in the market offering good mobile cases for iPhone13. Few hand-picked brands include FanTings Rugged shock-proof case, Tech-Protect genuine leather universal pouch wallet case, Rugged Shield Soft Silicone Shockproof Case, Wuzixi ultra-thin shock absorber case, and more.


With a 6.1-inch display screen, iPhone 13 pro demands great protection and has various style options available. The wallet-style cases are your option for the mobile case if you are looking for complete protection. The mobile screen is assured with safety until you need to use it. Clear and transparent cases offer medium-range protection while allowing you to showcase the original looks of the original case. Shock-proof cases too offer good protection to the device while preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt into USB and charging ports. Slim cases prevent the bulky look of the device. Every style has its unique way of protecting the device; filtering the options will make it easy for you to make a choice. Wallet cases offer you great protection on 360 degrees while offering a facility to carry cards along.


What are the best iPhone 13 pro cases?

Some of the best cases are Tech-Protect genuine leather universal pouch wallet case, Wuzixi ultra-thin shock absorber case FanTings Rugged shock-proof case, Rugged Shield Soft Silicone Shockproof Case, and many others. 

How to select the right cases for iPhone13 pro?

To make sure the mobile case is the right choice, make sure it fits your device right perfectly and covers the most vulnerable parts of the mobile like the mobile screen, cameras edges of the mobile screen. Stay away from plastic cases as they transfer the impact to iPhone13 pro in the event of uncertainty.

Does the mobile case's color fade away?

It is a normal scenario for the mobile case to fade colors after usage. In the event, you can easily replace the mobile case with a new one either by purchasing at an online store or offline market.

 Does iPhone 13pro support wireless charging?

Yes, the mobile cases from different companies support advanced features like wireless charging and power share feature, and you can charge anytime and anywhere.

Is there any price range for the mobile cases?

As of now, there is no price range for iPhone13 mobile cases, the price changes as per features, style, and material used to make it.

Which mobile cases give excellent protection?

Every mobile case is designed to offer good protection to the device, but the most recommend and considered option is high-quality leather cases. These cases are known to offer excellent mobile protection without facing any challenges due to accidental falls.