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Our collection comes with the best selection of cases for the Apple iPhone 12. Mobile Lyme has the very best range of durable protection that include brand such as Krusell, I-Blason, Eiger, FortyFour and more! Whether you are interested in leather or Silicone, we will have something to suit your needs. Free Shipping on all iPhone 12 orders!

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Buying guide for iPhone 12

iPhone remains the dream phone for any smartphone user. In spite of many giant smartphone manufacturers competing with the brand, the iPhone remains to be the leader of smartphones. Even the basic model of the new iPhone12 is an expensive option for many. If you struggled to the latest iPhone 12 to your pocket, you should know it needs extra protection to handle accidental bumps and drops. 

 Don’t lose your before it shelf-life; add extra protection to your device with the right mobile case. The mobile case gives you that needed protection against drops and shocks. With the number of mobile cases available in the market, choosing one can be quite challenging.

Case style 

 You can get a wide range of case styles for iPhone models. The styles vary from standard models to wallet case style. If you are looking for good back protection for your phone, the standard type of mobile cases can turn the right option. All-round protection will be added with wallet case models. The standard models are known for offering quality protection giving access to all external buttons and features of the phone. They are tough mobile cases made of the right blend of materials making the cases stronger to aid protection. An added variety of mobile cases is wallet models where you can carry cards along with the mobile.

Materials used

 Next comes, the material used in manufacturing the mobile cases. It is, in fact, key criterion one should look at while picking the case for your mobile. You will get mobile cases made of materials ranging from silicon to aluminum. The silicon mobile cases are your choice to give moderate protection to your phone with a comfortable grip. Mobile cases made of polycarbonate materials are the finest choice for offering ample protection for your mobile phone. They are known for starch resistant protection and shock-resistant against drops. A right blend of polycarbonate and flexible TPU offers better protection for your phone.

Ultimate protection for your phone is given with a leather mobile case. It may add little bulk to your phone but is known for offering excellent protection for your phone. However, they turn out to be an expensive option for mobile users.


The mobile case can bring many features to the mobile. If you are looking for additional features, check for stand case or battery case. There are even wallet models available fitting in the requirements of the user. All iPhone12 models have access to the latest wireless charging feature so, you should make sure you pick one with that has wireless charging feature.


There is a wide range of brands offering mobile cases for iPhone12. Few good brands you can check on include blasonr, forty-four, Egar, and krushell. Check these popular brands to the right fit for your mobile iPhone 12.


What should I check to buy a mobile case for iPhone 12?

Features of the mobile case is a key criterion while you pick the mobile case for iPhone 12. While there are many mobile cases with a wide range of features, check for the one that is most needed for your phone, depending on the usage. 

What is the price you can get a mobile case for iPhone 12?

The price varies depending on the features you pick for your mobile phone 

Which is the best mobile to get the right protection for iPhone 12?

If you off the classy looks of your phone, go for the standard ones made of silicon material but, if you want to give robust protection to your phone, choose the ones that are made of sturdy and robust material. 

Which mobile cases add style to your phone?

Style can be defined on your specific requirements with a wide range of options from different brands.