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  1. Which Type of Phone Case Material Should You Choose

    With the large amount of time we spend on our phones, it's crucial to give them the proper care they need. That includes ensuring your phone is well-protected. This could come in the form of a phone case that can help protect your phone from shock. But aside from protection, phone cases are also there to enhance the beauty of your phone. So, you should really think about what type of phone case you should get.


    Silicone is a synthetic rubber that is very flexible in nature. It makes for a great phone case as it's very pliable and easy to install. And because it's also a very soft material, it can absorb shock.

    Silicone is also a material that's easy to clean. You can easily wipe any dirt off with soap and water. This also makes it easy to remove any dirt, dust, and scratches that may get trapped in it.


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  2. Amazing Accessories For Your S21 You Need To Purchase

    Are you looking for brand-new accessories to give new life to your Samsung Galaxy S21? If so, you're in luck. There are plenty of accessories out there that can help you experience the new, despite your aged yet beloved S21. Of course, if you've just bought it brand-new, accessories can still help bolster the wonderful experience it has to offer.

    That being said, here are the amazing accessories you can purchase for your S21 to make the most out of it:

    1. A Power Bank 

    The first accessory that you can buy for your Samsung Galaxy S21 is a power bank. The battery life of your S21 is sure to amaze you (more on that later), but it might not be enough to last you the whole day.

    If you're already a heavy user of your S21, you'd probably appreciate knowing how awesome a power bank can be to a smartphone. A power bank is a rechargeable

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  3. 4 Reasons Why You Definitely Need a New Phone Case

    Your smartphone is one of your most important possessions, as it allows you to connect and communicate with your loved ones while keeping you entertained and informed. All this is why this device is important to keep this as unscathed and pristine as possible.

    Your phone case can protect this technological marvel in your possession in the office, on the streets and even at home. But ironically, many people are still not sure whether or not they need to buy a new phone case for their device.

    Here are four reasons you need a new phone case for your smartphone:

    1) Case Replacement

    If your current phone case is broken, iced, or dirty, it can no longer protect your smartphone needs. Furthermore, the lack of protection will leave it vulnerable to damage, meaning that you might have to shell out more money to fix it if you do not

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  4. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Review

    Over the years, Samsung has been the foremost market leader, dictating terms for other smartphone brands and competitors. Samsung Galaxy A series has always been launching smartphones according to user preferences and demands. Be it any smartphone or electronic product lineup, Samsung always incorporates suggestions of their esteemed users across the globe. Talking about Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, it is expected to be in the market around February 2022. Samsung users around the globe are looking forward to the release of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, which would be backed by roust specs and features, making it more market-oriented and user-friendly.

    Samsung Galaxy A33 5G would be the premier smartphone of the A-series, integrating every previous aspect. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is primarily known as a 5G supported device in major regions across the globe. The 6.4-inch capacitive AMOLED screen of the Samsung

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  5. OnePlus 10 Pro Review

    If you were a fan of the OnePlus 9 Pro, you would be definitely be waiting for the OnePlus 10 Pro. Since it announced the launch, OnePlus 9 Pro users have been eyeing the upcoming premier smartphone. Across the globe, the expected release of the OnePlus 10 Pro has made thousands of individuals excited about the OnePlus 10 Pro’s features and specifications. The recent rumors and picture leaks suggest that the overall build of the OnePlus 10 Pro would be much similar to OnePlus 9 Pro, which itself was a trendsetter in the smartphone industry. According to the authorities and representatives of OnePlus, the OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 10 Pro are solidly designed to compete with iPhone 14 and Samsung S22, which will be released in 2022.

    Be it the OnePlus 10 or 10 Pro, it would be equipped with robust technology and s

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  6. Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

    Every smartphone needs to be protected from uncertain damages and screen breaks. When it comes to the right protection for Samsung devices, one needs to ensure that the back covers and screen protectors are fitted to the entire screen, covering maximum screen area. With the growing demand for smartphones and tech gadgets, one needs to ensure that they are spending a substantial amount on its right protection. A wide range of protective cases are available for Samsung Galaxy A13 5G in markets and online. Be it any smartphone; one needs to get the right protection for its device, depending upon the design and quality. Continue reading to find out about the best and recommended protective cases for your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G.

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  7. Sony Xperia Pro-I Review

    Sony got into the news and entered the competition with its rivals after announcing its feature camera phone, Sony Xperia-I. Since Sony’s first launch in 2008, it didn’t gain immense popularity and fan following. However, the announcement of the launch of the Sony Xperia-I has created a buzz in the smartphone industry. The launch of the Sony Xperia-I is expected to be around in December. Sony Xperia-I is priced at $1800, which might fluctuate with the release and ongoing market trends.

    Around the globe, thousands of reviewers have accepted the newly announced Sony Xperia Pro-I as a feature camera first and then a phone. It is expected that the upcoming Sony smartphone sensation would give a tough time to its direct competitors, including Motorola, Samsung, and Apple. While reviewing Sony Xperia Pro-I, users find it very attractive, sophisticated, and reasonably user-friendly.

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  8. Newly Announced Sony Xperia Pro-I Release?

    The newly launched Sony Xperia Pro-I will ship in December 2021 at an estimated introductory price of $1,800 (£1,599), which might vary according to the region it is being shipped. The initial cost of the Sony Xperia Pro-I is the same as the price of Samsung’s flagship Z Fold 3, and $200 more than the most attractive 1TB model of Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, which costs around $1,599. Every year, the smartphone industry introduces powerful and robust processing units backed with elegant cameras, designs, and other integrated tools. Engineers, designers, and architects at Sony Inc are confident about their upcoming masterpiece, the first 5G compatible phone released by Sony.

    The launch of the Sony Xperia Pro-I has already made smartphone geeks excited about the new release, which is trending on tech platforms and other social media forums. Moreover, as the tagline suggests, the Pro version is set to be compared with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and other Sa

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  9. Do Galaxy Phones have 5G?

    Every day, when we wake up, we are exposed to a high influx of data coming our way, in the form of videos, memes, messages, podcasts etc. The great digital revolution is keeping the world at its toes and making people think digitally. The more agile and digital approaches one can adopt, the more successful they can be. The fifth generation of technology for cellular connections, also known as 5G, has a noticeable impact on the entire tech industry. Premier smartphone brands such as Samsung and Motorola have introduced 5G compatible devices and handsets.

    Since 2019, Samsung has been a robust producer of handsets worldwide. Many regions of the world support 4G and 5G networks that provide excellent browsing and data speed. Over the last two years, Samsung has optimized its approach and introduced 5G compatible devices such as Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, Samsung W20 5GSM-W2020, Samsung Galaxy A51

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  10. Best Cases for Google Pixel 6 Pro

    Google Pixel 6 Pro is the premier flagship smartphone launched by Google recently. Google Pixel 6 Pro is priced around $900, depending upon your region and payment plan. The fascinating features of the Google Pixel 6 Pro have attracted a significant volume of Samsung and iPhone users from around the globe. It is imperative to invest a little in protecting your smartphone and its key features. Focus-oriented rare cameras, main crystal screen, body curves, and sides must be protected from uneven surfaces and dents. It takes around $40-$60 to get the best cases for your Google Pixel 6 Pro that will ensure maximum safety and protection. Google Pixel 6 Pro has an extra-wide display of 6.71 inches with an AMOLED screen, which must be protected with bumper covers and screen protectors. Screen replacement costs a fortune; it’s recommended to get the best back and screen covers to protect your smartphone. Moreover, the triple rear camera must be covered and protected to avoid any uncertain damages.

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